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Thai Girlfriend Advice – Thai Bar Girls
August 17, 2017

Thai Bar Girls  – Cheating Husband in Thailand – Thailand PI

Cheating Husband in Thailand – Thailand PI

In some cases a western husband  or boyfriend is the subject of the investigation. SiamSpy handles lots of cases for women from western countries. Their husbands (boyfriends also) are on holiday or working in Thailand. Several alarm signals can trigger suspicions. Sudden changes in attitude, excess trips to Thailand, phone calls, or SMS message coming from Thailand too. Suspicious charges on a credit card and bank transfers to Thailand also raise red flags. Some women find receipts from Western Union or other money transfer services. Handling these situations quickly is advised to all clients. If the situation continues it can lead to a man leaving his family and children.  This can cause devastating results for families. An experienced Thailand PI can solve the problem.

A Thai Bar Girl’s materialistic greed can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars could be lost on a. Another danger is that the Thai Bar Girl becomes pregnant with the foreign man’s baby. This is often done intentionally. More seriously, the threat of STD’s and contracting a life threatening disease like HIV/AIDS is very real. Quick intervention is required to avoid such dangerous and life threatening circumstances.

Handling The Situation

An experienced Thailand PI can use a direct approach in such cases. The subject can be “coached” into a reasonable understanding of the threat he doesn’t understand. In such a case the experienced Thailand PI can make friends with the unsuspecting target. He can then explain his experience in Thailand and open the eyes of the inexperienced visitor. We use this tactic often. It is very effective in getting the straying husband back on track and back to his senses. It doesn’t always work. SiamSpy has saved numerous families from such tragic circumstances this way. However, sometimes the wife discovers the truth and then the husband is in big trouble. Most cases like this will end up in a divorce. It has happened many times.

Several different investigative techniques may be used on cases like this. The most common is surveillance followed by “Social Engineering” and other strategies. The majority of targets are either traveling businessmen or holiday makers in Thailand. The experienced Thailand PI will start with standard surveillance. This will lead the investigator to the other subject, The Thai girlfriend. In most cases the Thai girlfriend will be a Thai Bar Girl Prostitute. Surveillance start at the hotel, villa, condo, or other location. The first thing an experienced Thailand PI looks for is the presence of a Thai lady. She may go directly to the hotel, or use stealth and secrecy. This brings one case to mind.

Snake in the Lemon Grass

On a recent case I was contacted by a woman from Ireland. She told me her husband was on a business trip in Thailand. After collecting the details I began the case. Prior to starting the case she asked if I would telephone her. She gave me excellent intel, great details, and informed me she already caught him cheating once before. She decided to give him a second chance. Her last words to me were “He’s a snake that one. Tricky he is. You’ve got to watch him closely.” At that time I didn’t pay much attention to it. The case passed the first week without incident. He left his hotel, went to meetings, and came back to the hotel. Because of the high security of the hotel I requested the client pay for me to stay there. She agreed. My room was across from his two doors down.

During the second week of the case I was surprised to see no suspicious activity. He followed the same routine. Meetings, back to the hotel, dinner in the hotel restaurant, etc. He went to the Starbucks on Soi 5 on a couple of occasions, but always alone. I reported back daily that he was behaving himself. I spoke to the wife again nearing the end of the second week. She told me her gut feeling knew something was going on. She repeated the same sentence as the first time I talked to her. “He’s a snake that one. Tricky he is. You’ve got to watch him closely.” I was doing just that. I never let him out of my sight. Then on the last day before the second week ended I figured it out. He was doing it right under my nose!

The Grass and the Snake

During the case I saw a girl at the hotel on several occasions. She was definitely a Thai Bar Girl, but she was staying at the hotel. She had a room key to access the elevator, so I never gave it a second thought. The next time I saw her I followed her to the elevator. She stopped on my floor (his floor) and walked over to his door and opened it with her key card. Aha! Busted! He certainly was a crafty one. He made sure he was never seen with her in public. She came to the hotel a few minutes before he was to arrive but she never stayed overnight. She only stayed until late in the evening to avoid detection by hotel staff. Very clever indeed. I was able to use a small digital camera to get image of her entering the room.

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This May Be Your Husband’s Girlfriend

On the last day of the case he must have thought he was in the clear. He went downstairs to the hotel lobby and she was there waiting for him. They ordered a bottle of wine and some food. The two of them laughed, joked, and carried on until late evening. The whole time he never looked around or looked over his shoulder. Then he left for the airport with her. While in the lobby I went to the second level and shot some very good video of the two of them together. I immediately called the wife to inform her of the facts. She was not surprised and expected such news. She told me he would step off the plane to a process server handing over divorce papers. SiamSpy always get the job done.

Thailand Private Investigator – Deny Everything

Even when confronted with cold hard facts and evidence some men deny it all. They say, that isn’t me, it’s just someone who looks like me. Or they say other ridiculous things. This is due to shock. The truth of being busted with a Thai Bar Girl prostitute is so shocking the mind self destructs. I’ve seen it happen many times. It’s so difficult to comprehend that most men can’t deal with the facts. So, the lie. They deny it all, even when there is photographic or video evidence. He’ll say it was just a friend, or the girlfriend of another friend. They were just walking her home because he was unavailable. The number of excuses and denials is endless. Some of them are so ridiculous you have to laugh.

One target told his wife the girl worked at the hotel. He said he got lost and called the hotel and they sent her to show him the way back. But the following video from the next morning showed them leaving the hotel hand in hand. Impossible to deny, yet they do. Eventually they have no choice but to confess to their deeds. Then the anger comes. Now it is the wife’s fault. He knew she didn’t trust him so why not do what she thought he was doing? Those are the reactions when men are confronted with evidence of their infidelity. However, some men are immediately remorseful and beg for forgiveness and a second chance. Few will receive another opportunity and end up divorced. It’s a sad situation, and one that happens far too often in Thailand. We see it every day.

Hire An Experienced Thailand PI:

If your husband is on a trip to Thailand and you suspect he may have a Thai girlfriend, contact us. While in Bangkok he may be frequenting sex clubs or other establishments. You may want to hire an experienced Thailand PI to help you get the facts. We can determine if he is having an extramarital affair here in Thailand with a Thai Bar Girl or other Thai woman.

If you notice behavioral changes after your husband has been to Thailand, there may be good reason for it. She has likely “put a spell on him” (so to speak) that has caused him to abandon logic and reason. This happens all the time here and we see it every day. An experienced Thailand PI can help. Contact Us right now for a free no obligation consultation.