Thai Girlfriend Scams and Problems

Avoiding Scams in Thailand

Thai Girlfriend Scams Thai Girlfriend Problems. The SiamSpy website has a long list of Thailand Private Detective cases that involve scams that Thai girlfriends and Bar Girls run. There are a host of other problems related to the Thai Bar Girl Scams. Many difficulties arise from problems with ladies who have at least some real feelings towards their foreign boyfriend. This can cause cultural clashes.

Whether or not the relationship of a Thai girlfriend and a foreign man is something that is genuine is part of the fact collection process. This process can help determine the truth. Several factors can be used to assess fact from fiction in our investigative work. There are a wide variety of cases and a tremendous amount of scams. There also exists a large diversity of relationships with varying degrees of sincerity and commitment.

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Thai Bar Girls At Work

We have handled hundreds of cases which have similar relationship criteria. Sometimes interpersonal investigative techniques work best and are most often used. A big concern is that a Thailand Private Investigator is potentially a threat to the substantial cash flow of Thai Bar Girl Scams. So, caution in investigating these cases must always be maintained. You never know what can happen here in Thailand. Hence, a cautious approach is always best.

The majority of cases we handle require only one Thailand Private Detective. We do our own work by standard investigative means. We never hire freelance prostitutes because they are totally unreliable. They don’t possess the required patience and self-discipline. We also never hire tourists or regular punters to help us on a case. Only our team of Professional Thailand Private Investigators do the investigations. My Thai wife being one of the best in the business.

Experts in our field

To be a successful Thailand Private Investigator takes a lot more skill and experience than most people realize. 99% of the time we are successful in resolving a case. But, sometimes we are not successful due to the given circumstances at the time.

There are a tremendous amount of scams and problems that arise in a Thai/Farang relationship. Of course, we get plenty of outright scams involving Thai Bar Girls. In these cases it is clear the girl is just to get the guy’s money. A lot of Thai girlfriends have multiple foreign boyfriends. These ladies sometimes work secretly in the prostitution trade on a daily basis. Others may be part time prostitutes. These are fairly standard cases and we get many of them. In most cases we can deliver clearly positive results that sheds the light of truth on the situation.

We never inject our own opinions into how a client should handle a relationship with their Thai girlfriend. We work the same as a Psychologist does and ask you what you think is best. What do you think is the right thing to do? We normally won’t tell you that your situation is either good or bad, right or wrong. We always report the facts first. Then if we are asked we will offer our analysis and opinion based on our years of experience in Thailand. But in the end, what you do is up to you and your Thai lady.

We can immediately spot the distinctive behaviors and traits of those involved in the prostitution and gold-digger game. They have a distinctive look and demeanor. One look at a photograph can be enough for an experienced Thailand Private Investigator.

Thai Girlfriend Scams Thai Girlfriend Problems

Thailand is not like the west. The rule of law is far less than what most western men are used to. It’s one thing to have your heart broken and lose your hard earned money. It is another story when the threat of losing your life becomes a reality. It has happened here in Thailand many times. You can land yourself in some serious trouble if you are not careful. Jail or under the threat of severe physical harm is common to those who are culturally ignorant of Thailand. Especially in the bar scene.

Most of the problems and safety issues a foreign man will encounter is due to Thai ladies working bars. These are known as prostitutes in the west. If you live in San Francisco you aren’t going to go into a prostitution venue in search of a girlfriend. But that is exactly what many foreign men do when they come to Thailand. They go to bars and end up meeting a prostitute who then becomes their girlfriend. Then they wonder why they have problems later. It is clearly simple. If you come to Thailand, don’t go looking for a girlfriend who works as a prostitute. The majority of them already have a Thai husband or a Thai boyfriend, or both.

90% of girls working in bars in Thailand are of questionable moral standards and her male friends and associates are also. The “cousin” or “brother” she may introduce you to is often her husband or boyfriend. They are an uneducated rough and crude bunch of folks. They hang out with other similar groups of people like this. The Thai gold-digger families pressure many young Thai ladies into prostitution.

Beware The Bar Girl

Any parent who would push their daughter into prostitution should probably be considered morally corrupt. When you visit the family home of your Thai Bar Girl girlfriend, keep this in mind. What kind of people are you getting involved with?

Some other safety issues can arise with foreign men who lose control of their emotions and act out of anger or jealous rage in certain situations. This can be a very costly mistake. In Thailand, the serene man is king. His calm and collected way of handling a negative situation can save his life. Those who explode in anger or disrespect can find a bottle broken over their head. They can also find a knife in their back or a bullet in their head in extreme conditions. Cool heads prevail This is never more true than it is in Thailand. There are plenty of foreign men in Thai jails for murdering or viciously assaulting their Thai girlfriends. This is usually in regards to cases of infidelity or loss or theft of large amounts of money.

Thai folks by and large are peaceful friendly folks and in general Thailand is a safe place. But the areas of prostitution have a lot of mafia crew who can be trouble. When in Thailand behave yourself in an appropriate manner and you won’t have any problems. When you get involved with prostitutes and Thai Bar Girls trouble isn’t far behind.

Fraud in Thailand

We get a lot of cases where a foreign man has been ripped off for a major amount of money. For example in the purchase of land, a condo, or other property. Others will invest in a business and usually with a Thai prostitute or Bar Girl. Then he finds out the money has disappeared. She didn’t do what she said she would do with the money or just outright embezzled it. This can cause a tremendous reaction of rage or anger. Acting upon such a reaction can land you in severe trouble in Thailand. The proper way to handle it is with a lawyer and the courts.

The overall rule of thumb is this. Never get involved in a love relationship with a Thai Bar Girl or prostitute. Don’t do business with them, and don’t invest with them by any means. If you want to save yourself a tremendous amount of needless worry and suffering, find a proper Thai girl to have a relationship with. You will have a much better experience. You won’t find the girl of your dreams in a go-go bar in Thailand. But you will find trouble.