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January 19, 2017
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Thai Girlfriend Problem
March 3, 2017


Licensed Thailand Private Investigators? Do they exist or not? Clients often ask us if SiamSpy is a licensed Private Investigator agency. The answer is no. Some companies on the Internet claim to be a licensed Thailand Private Detective Agency. So, my question is by whom are they licensed and under what legal license are they operating. I have never seen a Thailand Private Investigator license in 16 years. The reason is because there is no such thing (at the time of this post). Not that I have heard of, nor seen.

There is no government regulation or licensing for Private Investigators in Thailand. So, does this mean we aren’t professionals or don’t know what we are doing? Of course not. It means there is no legal licensing for a Private Investigator in Thailand.

Licensed Thailand Private Investigators

There is no government agency or regulatory department governing licenses for Thailand Private Investigators. Of course, there are companies in Thailand claiming they are licensed Thailand Private Investigators. but there is no government rule for such a thing. As a result, anyone making this claim is making a false statement. Anyone claiming to be a licensed Private Investigator in Thailand is pulling your leg. No government regulations exist for Private Investigator licenses.

Thailand Private Investigator Association

The question is often asked. I have discussed this many times with colleagues in the industry. But, there is still no official government regulation branch for Private Investigators in Thailand. So, as far as we know, there is no future plan to establish such a law or regulation. There seems to be no interest in doing so. have discussed the possibility of creating a Thailand Private Investigator association with other investigators. But there is little interest in starting such an association. Everyone I know in the industry are happy working solo. Some are husband and wife teams.

Being an investigator in Thailand is no easy task. It is hot, humid, sticky, polluted, and noisy. Furthermore, surveillance in the city of Bangkok can be difficult. That is why we often use tracking devices (with the client’s permission). The tracking device allows for much easier surveillance.

Licensed Thailand Private Investigators

Most companies operating in Thailand are single individuals or groups working as a team. Such is the case for SiamSpy. We are a group of individuals working together as a team. SiamSpy is a group of former Insurance Investigators and Private Investigators from other countries. We are now operating in Thailand. Most of us have married Thai women and have families here. The owner and founder of the company established SiamSpy way back in 2001 and went on the Internet in 2002.

So, we have been around for a long time. SiamSpy is one of the original Thailand Private Investigators. We are doing better than ever. We help more and more people get the answers they need. Helping others. That’s what it is all about. So, beware anyone claiming to be a licensed Thailand Private Investigator. If they are making these false claims, what else are they making false claims about?

Trust the professionals. SiamSpy works from a subjective position assuming all is good. Until the facts prove otherwise, everything is okay.  We only provide the facts and the truth as we discover it. SiamSpy is an independent third party with no stake in the results.  This makes it possible for us to deliver a fact based report. An unbiased conclusion based on what the investigation has revealed.  So, the result is a clear picture of the situation for the client, while finding of the truth. Please contact Thailand Private Investigators today and we will do our best to help you.

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